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Hapo 66 E - Tune up.

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Hapo 66 E - Tune up.

Postby alexvaras » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:16 am

Hi all,

Hapo 66-E, by Balda company from west Germany.
Lens Enna Happonar (C) 1:3.5/75mm Nr. 244600.
Pronto shutter B, 25, 50, 100, 200.
Aperture from 3.5 to 32!!
Automatic counter mechanism, red window is to position frame #1, after this it's automatic.
Uncoupled rangefinder, easy to focus, wheel focus at the top right, then transport the number to the front focusing ring.
Safe double exposure mechanism.

Happy Hapo 66-E.

Following the steps of the great Hans K.
Thank you all for your tips and support.
I will put different pictures than others with some useful if one day you get this camera in your hands.

I started with the shutter, it was pretty soft and after finishing it, still soft. I guess 200 is 80-90, my shutter speed device is KIA.
Pronto shutter cock leveller.

Then the rangefinder was a bit off vertically, open the top cover is no mistery and inside everything is pristine.
Vertical offset of the rangefinder.
These two small screws at the edges control the vertical offset of the rangefinder, loose one, tight the other and vice verse until you see both images at the same level.

Full album.

Thanks for watching.

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