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Meyer-Optik 58mm Primoplan

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Meyer-Optik 58mm Primoplan

Postby melek » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:46 pm

This is sort of a hybrid film-digital discussion (although it's mostly about the lens).

Some time around 2007, I bought a Praktica FX3 to replace the one that I sold. I found this one at the local thrift shop, and it cost a bit more than the usual thrift shop camera at $19.95.


This one came with a Meyer-Optik 58mm Primoplan. I brought the camera home, where it sat for the better part of a decade until about a year ago when I decided to shoot with it. Although it looked clean, there was a lot of haze. Plus, the focus was very stiff. It had to spend some time on the workbench for the usual work. "Before" and after "shots" with the lens.



I took it to the Philadelphia Flower Show (using a digital camera) last week (March 12, 2017).

The lens has some special characteristics in the photos that it records. The current day Meyer-Optik company refers to it as "soap bubble bokeh." I tend to agree with them.

It's slow to use, because the focus ring requires almost a 360-degree rotation to get from infinity to its close-focus distance of about two feet.


Also, I used an East German lens shade, which resulted in three barrel rings. The aperture ring is near the front of the lens, and while shooting, I kept grabbing the lens shade's tightening ring, rather than the aperture ring.

For sure, it's an interesting lens. And if you really want corner-to-corner sharpness, I think that you have to shoot at f/11 or f/16.

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Re: Meyer-Optik 58mm Primoplan

Postby GrahamS » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:33 pm

This is a superb portrait lens, Mike, especially when used with B&W film.
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