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Welcome to the forums

Post by AdminPTF » Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:50 am

Welcome to the PhotographyToday.net Forums. I know that's a handful.

Here is the URL to bookmark for speedy access in the future:


• You can select from one of 1o styles or themes for the forum. Go to your "User Control Panel," which is accessed by clicking the down arrow next to your username. Then select "User Preferences" (go there now). On this page, you can set your language, time zone and forum style. If you want to preview some of the available styles, visit this page. It will open in another browser tab, so you can keep your "User Preferences" page open while you browse through the styles.

• You can embed images using the "img" button above. Simple type in the URL of where the image exists, highlight it and press the "img" button.

• New features and topics will be added, and some might go away or might be combined.

• You will have to register to participate in discussions. It's quick and mostly painless. It's also FREE. Like most forum software, you will have to validate your registration with an e-mail that will be sent to you. That is done to combat spammers.

• If you see spammers, notify the moderator(s) or the admin, and we'll tighten the lid a bit more.


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