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Change the board style

Post by AdminPTF » Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:37 am

You can easily change the style or visual look of the board:
  • Go to the "User Control Panel," which can be found by clicking the small down arrow next to your name.
  • Next, select "Board Preferences." This allows you to set your time zone, your language (British English or American English" and the board style.
» This link will take you directly to your "Board Preferences" page.

There are eight installed styles. Feel free to try as many as you want until you find one that suits your taste. If you want to preview the styles, here is a list and short description. Click each style name to see a preview. If you see one that you like, remember its name and follow the instructions above.
  • Prosilver
    This is the default style for phpBB. You will see a lot of phpBB forums that use this style. A lot of blue. It's serviceable, but doesn't have much visual interest.
  • we-universal
    This is the default style for It has an image banner and a very clean, open design.
  • Aero
    A variation on Prosilver with a dark blue background for the heading. This has deeper blues than Prosilver. I installed Aero, so that I could add Aero Black. It uses most of the width of the browser.
  • Aero Black
    Aero Black is based on/required Aero. It has a black background for the heading and replaces the blue in Aero's background with a light gray. Like Aero, it uses most of the width of the page.
  • Platinum
    I don't know why they call this platinum, unless platinum is blue. It doesn't look metallic. It uses the Prosilver colors and hover scheme, and it has a black bar across the top of the page.
  • Subsilver2
    I had to install Subsilver2 so that I could add the next style, DVGFX2. Subsilver feels lighter with no boundaries on the plain heading, save a thin border across the bottom. The heading also has a slight vertical gradation.
  • DVGFX2
    If you like a darker style, DVGFX2 is an attractive option with its charcoal background color. It has dark bluish-gray category bars and off-white text. If you want a dark theme, take a look at this one. This style is based on Subsilver2.
  • PBTech
    This is an odd style with a deep-black heading and the rest of the page being light-gray. This has an unusual horizontal layout with categories listed in small boxes that run across the page – three boxes to a row. On some mobile devices – and depending on whether you are looking at the site horizontally or vertically – the display is more traditional.

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