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Minolta Six

If it has bellows, you can talk about it here.
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Minolta Six

Postby PFMcFarland » Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:40 pm

I got this a little while back while perusing a new to me antique store.

Introduced in November of 1936, the Minolta Six is a 6x6 format plastic bodied camera with collapsible tubes for mounting the lens/shutter assembly, instead of a bellows.

Minolta Six Front Open by P F McFarland, on Flickr

Minolta Six Side Open by P F McFarland, on Flickr

It has a Coronar Anastigmat Nippon 1:4.5 80mm lens, in a Crown B everset shutter.

Minolta Six Front Closed by P F McFarland, on Flickr

At the time of its introduction, film with 6x6 markings on the backing paper was not available, so you had to use 4.5x6 film, only yielding 8 exposures per roll (12 in 4.5x6 cameras). This required the use of three windows to properly advance the film. Later models had a single window in the center, and some cameras were modified at the factory to use up the last of the three window backs.

Minolta Six Back Frame Windows Open by P F McFarland, on Flickr

There is no facility for using 4.5x6 film.

Minolta Six Interior by P F McFarland, on Flickr

The camera shutter is exhibiting weak spring symptoms, as the T setting does not always catch, and the shutter charging lever does not always snap back into position. The lens has some internal haze too, so a good cleaning and adjustment are in order.

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Re: Minolta Six

Postby Philip » Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:04 pm

Nice. If a little strange... Before I owned too many cameras, I used to want one of these. :)
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