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New Year Deer

These digital cameras don't have interchangeable lenses. Among this category are the so-called bridge cameras, including those with SLR-style viewing.
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New Year Deer

Postby PFMcFarland » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:39 pm

As I was walking along a fence line to take some photos of a train trestle with my Nikon P7700 on New Years Day, this group of whitetails caught my attention, as I caught theirs. A car came along after I shot a couple of frames, which startled them into bolting for the woods. They stopped for a few more moments, trying to make up their minds if I still presented a threat. Then, with a flick of their tails, they headed into the trees, like a chorus line departing stage left. An instant movie mode button would have come in handy for that show.

They’ve Made It This Far by br1078phot, on Flickr

BOLT! by br1078phot, on Flickr

Still Not Sure by br1078phot, on Flickr

Goodbye For Now by br1078phot, on Flickr

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