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Another Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom Date

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Another Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom Date

Postby PFMcFarland » Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:38 am

I got this in a lot sale, one of over a dozen P&S cams in the lot. But it had film in it, so it gets tested first. It’s the second one I’ve owned, and I expected it to perform as well as the first one. It didn’t let me down.

It has a 35-70mm f4.2-7.8 AF zoom lens, film sensitivity of 25-3200 ISO, Auto film transport, a built in flash, and date stamping. It looks like a slightly bigger Olympus Stylus, with the same type of sliding front door to turn on the camera, and deploy the lens and flash. The lens is very good for a Point and Shoot, with just a bit of vignetting.

Film is Fuji Superia 400, of which the first nine exposures were by the previous owner. Because of the personal nature of them, I won’t be posting any examples, but suffice it to say that I know the date stamp works.

The Sheds Out Back by P F McFarland, on Flickr
I've always liked the look of these two buildings, but never seemed to be able to stop at the right time until yesterday.

Smart Fix (overall too bright)
Cropped 4x6 (90% of image)

On Top by P F McFarland, on Flickr
I zoomed all the way out, then did some cropping too, as I got a bit too much sky in the original.

No Correction
Cropped 5x7 (60 % of Image)

View Off Limits by P F McFarland, on Flickr
This use to make the Autumn Colors album quite often until they strung all these new cables and power wires last summer.

No Correction
Cropped 4x6 (99% of Image)

EJ’s by P F McFarland, on Flickr
The small red maple is what caught my eye as I pulled into this empty lot.

No Correction
Cropped 5x7 (75% of Image)

See all twelve images with narrative at

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Re: Another Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom Date

Postby minoly » Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:33 pm

Phil-- Those are fine results from that Canon. You say that you got it in a box lot, so you're off to a good start. "The Sheds out Back" and "EJ's" are my favorites. Bill D.

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