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DK-50, second attempt

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:08 pm
by Julio1fer
Tried again DK-50 with FP4+, but this time at 1:1 dilution, and with the 5.5 min recommended time (Massive Development Chart). Negatives OK where well exposed, maybe a bit thin but plenty of contrast.

Summer storm coming.


Monument to Winston Churchill, next to popular Pocitos beach.


The beach that Winston is watching. I think he would appreciate a gin and tonic.


Two pets share our summer dog days


The roll was shot in the Nikon F2. From top to bottom, 28mm, 20mm, 20mm and 50mm.

My conclusion is that DK-50 is close to an untamed version of D-76 - shorter times, crisp grain and more contrast. At 1:1 dilution, I have enough DK-50 left for about two years of 35mm shooting; but I fear that the solution will not last that long. In only one month in a well-closed 1 gallon glass container, it has already turned into a nice piss-yellow.

Probably it is going to be back to classics, home-mixed Beutler and D-76.

Re: DK-50, second attempt

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:03 pm
by minoly
Somehow I missed the earlier post about DK-50, but now I have seen both of them. All the photos are good and the old developer has done well-- as you say, a little "peppier" than D-76. I have passed up old cans of developer powder at camera shows and thrown out one of mine (Microdol) that I never broke into-- maybe they would have been fine. The old Agfa Rodinal lasted well; I bought a bottle of a new version from Czech Republic and the container specifically warned that it had a "use by" date. By the way, your photos are very good in themselves as well as for testing.
Bill Delehanty

Re: DK-50, second attempt

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:14 pm
by PFMcFarland
Did they make a rejuvenation solution for the DK-50? It's either that, or you better start shooting a couple of rolls a day! It's looking good though, much more dialed in this time.


Re: DK-50, second attempt

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:41 am
by Julio1fer
Thanks for the comments!

Bill, I think that most powder developers kept in unopened cans should be good for many years, generally speaking, unless exposed to extreme temperatures. The chemicals used in the formulae are quite stable. If the powders look white, they should be good to go. Liquid concentrates might not age as well as powders.

Rodinal was legendary, I routinely used 10-year old bottles without any problem. Dark reddish-brown liquor; never saw a clear Rodinal concentrate!

PF, there was a replenishment solution for DK-50 (Kodak called it DK-50R). According to Kodak publication J-1, it was intended for repeated use of the developer, i.e. you added 30 ml for each 8x10 sheet processed or equivalent surface. But I'd rather shoot two rolls a day!

When I get to use the next can, I plan to divide the gallon of fresh DK-50 in a series of separate smaller bottles, filled to the brim and well sealed.