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Leica SL Leica SL: Full-frame goodness at a premium price
Oct 20, 2015
Leica has added to the intrigue of photography’s mirrorless segment with a new camera that is intended to make you forget about the Sony A7 series. The Leica SL is a full-frame offering with a 24-MP CMOS sensor that has a sensitivity range of 50-50,000. The CMOS does not include a low-pass filter, and files are recorded either in JPG or DNG. Its...
Argus A2B - It's not 'The Brick'
Aug 31, 2015
Argus produced many cameras for the U.S. market, including this 35mm model. Production spanned a couple of decades, and there were different variations offered. This one has a non-focusing lens set in a simple shutter.
Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel - A folding 35mm camera
Apr 12, 2015
The Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel arrived two years after the Contax, which was the camera maker's response to the popularity of the Leica. The Super Nettel shared many features and hardware with the Contax. It is a camera that is still available today, although you should always expect a camera from that time period to require service. This folding...
Argus V-100 - A German-made camera for a U.S. brand
Mar 10, 2015
Argus is well known for making the C-3, "The Brick," a camera that sold in the millions. This is a lesser-known sibling in the Ann Arbor company's history. It was made in West Germany and is a very high quality camera. The V-100 features a Synchro-Compur shutter and one of two lenses. However, it does have a few quirks. so watch the video.
Fujifilm X100T - A quality camera with a fixed non-zoom lens
Feb 23, 2015
The Fujifilm X100T is the latest in the Fuji X series. This has proved to be a very popular series and for good reason. The X series combine excellent image quality with a classic design that looks a lot like a film camera. The X100T continues that tradition. This camera has a fixed, non-interchangeable 35mm equivalent lens (I incorrectly call it...
Agfa Isolette III - A classic medium-format folding camera
Feb 15, 2015
Classic camera lovers know that the Agfa Isolette III is one of the better medium-format folding cameras. It has an excellent design, is easy to use and folds into a very compact package. However, it's not without its problems, and I explain what they are in this video.


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