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Update: Konost FF development continues

Create: 12/15/2015 - 20:52
Konost FF


  • There will be three models: Full-frame, APS-C and one-inch sensor
  • The full-frame model will have manual settings: Aperture, shutter speeds and focus

Konost, the company that is developing a full-frame digital rangefinder, hasn’t given up.

In a brief post on its website, Konost says it is committed to producing the Konost FF.

Konost acknowledged that it hasn’t provided any news about the camera, however, it says it has doubled the size of its staff.

Leica T
The Konost prototype and Leica T share a basic shape.

Among the technical issues that it has been addressing:

  • Full-frame sensor calibration
  • The rangefinder mechanism
  • Image processing
  • Electronics

Konost said it also is continuing to review the body design. That is no surprise, because early designs almost always change, so that the final product is able to handle the physical and mechanical needs of the camera.

Konost still hasn’t indicated a possible release date for the camera, but promises that it still has every intention to do so.

Konost plans to have three cameras in its product line: full-frame sensor, APS-C and a model with a one-inch sensor. The full-frame and APS-C cameras will be compatible with Leica M lenses, while the model with the one-inch sensor is specified at this time to have a fixed f/2.0 35mm lens.


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