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Sigma product updates cover 30mm lens, SD Quattro H and Sigma Photo Pro software

Create: 02/06/2017 - 17:38
Sigma Photo products

Sigma has released several updates that are noteworthy, covering a lens, a camera body and its own image-editing software.

All of the updates are available from Sigma's website, and the links are provided below.

Sigma f/1.4 30mm DC DN | Contemporary for Micro Four Thirds mount

Firmware update v1.2 addresses an issue when the lens was mounted to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II in which the autofocus did not work when C-AF was selected.

More about the firmware update can be found here:


Sigma SD Quattro H body

This firmware update, v1.01, adds no new features or functions but fixes several issues:

Images weren’t recorded if Low and RAW were selected.

Quick Preview wasn’t always displayed in the electronic viewfinder.

Certain indicactors didn’t display when the setting was changed when shooting in Custom Modes C1-C3.

The SD Quattro H would lock up when shooting in tethered mode via Sigma Capture Pro software.

More about the firmware update can be found here:


Sigma Photo Pro 6.5

Sigma is offering some suggestions to those who use the software and attempt to enable “GPU Acceleration Mode,” which either won’t activate or causes the software to crash.

Sigma explains that GPU acceleration can’t be activated if the system has less than 1GB of VRAM.

Sigma also recommends that the user ensure that the video driver is updated to the latest version.

See more information here:


Separately, Sigma has updated the software to v.6.5.1, which will now open RAW files from Sigma Quattro cameras, even if the computer’s video driver hasn’t been updated.


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