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Nikon says it is developing the full-frame D850

Create: 07/25/2017 - 13:16
Nikon D850 preview

Nikon announced it is developing its next FX full-frame digital SLR, the Nikon D850.

Nikon released no technical details about the camera but says it is being developed based on user feedback and will have “new technologies, features and performance enhancements.”

The D850 succeeds the D810, which was released in July 2014.

In a preview video, which is shown below, Nikon appears to be touting several things about the new body: Its low-light capability, as well as its ability to record video in those situations. The video also hints at its use in astrophotography.

Nikon said it will provide more information about the D850, as well as when it is expected, at a later date.

For more information, visit Nikon's dedicated page for the D850 at http://nikonusa.com/d850.

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