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New mounts add convenience for iPhone users of Zeiss ExoLens PRO optics

Create: 04/09/2017 - 09:50
ExoLens PRO mounts


  • Three mounts available for Zeiss ExoLens PRO optics
  • ExoLens Case is compatible only with iPhone 7


If you own one of the Zeiss ExoLens PRO products for Apple’s iPhone, one of the keys is convenience.

A shortcoming of the original ExoLens Bracket is that it isn’t something that most iPhone owners would want to keep attached all of the time, because it’s a bit ungainly and not compatible with aftermarket cases.

If you choose not to keep it on the iPhone, then you need to carry it with you. That makes it inconvenient. When it comes to smartphone photography, one of the primary features is quick access.

Two new ExoLens holders aim to change that. The ExoLens Case is slimmer and less obtrusive and can be kept on the iPhone 7 full time, and the ExoLens Edge is much smaller and attaches to the top of the iPhone.

The new ExoLens Case is smaller and is made of plastic and has a clear back. The original ExoLens Bracket is made of aluminum. Both the Case and Bracket have a cold shoe for mounting an external video light or microphone.

ExoLens Case is available for the iPhone 7, but not the 7 Plus. It goes on sale in April 2017. The ExoLens Edge fits the iPhone 6 and 7, including the Plus models, and is available beginning April 2017. Both are US$49.95 each, while the ExoLens Bracket is US$59.95

There currently are three Zeiss ExoLens PRO optics available: wide-angle, telephoto and macro-zoom. For more about the ExoLens line, which includes Zeiss and non-Zeiss products, vist http://exolens.com.

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