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Light L16 camera moves to testing stages

Create: 03/25/2017 - 23:10
Light L16

Light Co. moves ever closer to putting this unique camera into the hands of its customers.

In two blog posts on its website (https://light.co), Light has pulled back the curtain on the stages that lead up to mass production.

The Light L16 camera uses 16 lenses and CMOS sensors – although not all at once – to produce its images. The camera is rectangular like a large mobile phone, but is singular in its purpose – photography. The lenses range from wide angle to telephoto.

As revealed in the blog posts, it’s not a simple of matter of producing a prototype and then starting up the factory line.

There are at least three “validation testing” stages: engineering, design and product – in that order. The testing stages are to ensure that parts are correct, that it can be assembled and that it works when assembled. Various regulating bodies are also asked to sign off on the camera.

By the time that it reaches the product stage, it is customer ready. Once it clears this stage, it can move quickly to mass production.

The L16 currently is in the fourth build of the design stage. Light says it expects to clear this stage quickly and then move to the product stage and mass production soon after.

Meanwhile, Light hopes to begin external beta testing in which pre-production cameras are put into the hands of beta testers.

Light hopes to provide a more accurate timeframe for shipping the first group of cameras to customers.

Production is being done in China, and Light says much of its team has spent time there to oversee testing and production.


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