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Canon expands its PowerShot lineup with five new models

Create: 01/05/2016 - 16:52
Canon's new PowerShot cameras


  • All five models have WiFi and NFC for sharing images
  • The cameras can connect to a wireless printer or Canon's Connect Station CS100
  • The five PowerShot models are available in several colors

Canon kicks off the new year with five new PowerShot models.

Two of the cameras – PowerShot SX540 HS and PowerShot SX420 IS – feature super-zooms, while the other three – ELPH 360 HS, ELPH 190 IS and ELPH 180 – are meant to be pocketable cameras.

All of the cameras can record still images, as well as HD video. Some of the cameras use a CMOS sensor, while others are fitted with a CCD imaging chip. None of the cameras have an optical viewfinder. Images will need to be composed and then viewed on each camera's LCD screen.

The cameras have onboard Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communications) to make it easier to download and share photos with others. As well, the camera can connect to wireless printers, including Canon's own offerings, and also to the Canon Connect Station CS100, which has 1TB of built-in storage. The CS100 also has NFC, which means that the photographer only needs to tap one of these cameras to the CS100 to start download photos to it.

Both top models  –  PowerShot SX540 HS and PowerShot ELPH 360HS – have an in-camera "Story Highlights" mode that automatically selects and compiles images into a highlight reel.

The cameras come in several colors, depending on the model. 

PowerShot SX540 HS Camera, US$399.99

The PowerShot SX540 HS digital camera replaces the SX530 HS. It has a 50x optical zoom equivalent to 24-1,200mm. The SX540 HS has Canon's Optical Image Stabilization. At its heart is a 20.3-MP CMOS sensor, which Canon says offers excellent low-light performance.

Full 1080p HD video can be recorded at up to 60 frames per second as an MP4 file. 

Images are composed and viewed on a fixed, non-moveable 3.0-inch LCD.

The PowerShot SX540 HS will be available in March 2016.

PowerShot SX420 IS, US$299.99

Next up is the successor to the SX 410 IS. The SX420 IS has a 42x zoom lens that is equivalent to equivalent to 24-1,008mm, and it also features Optical Image Stabilization.

The camera uses a 20.0-MP sensor, although Canon doesn't indicate if it's a CMOS or CCD imaging chip. HD videos can be recorded at 720p in MP4 format.

Scene modes include several special effects, including fisheye, toy camera and monochrone. The camera has an "Eco" mode that helps extend battery life.

Taking and viewing photos is done with a 3.0-inch LCD screen.

The PowerShot SX420 IS will be available in February 2016.

PowerShot ELPH 360HS, US$209.99

The PowerShot ELPH 360HS has a 12x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilization. Inside is a 20.2-MP CMOS sensor, which can record 1080p HD video. The back is fitted with a fixed 3.0-inch LCD screen for viewing and taking photos.

The PowerShot ELPH 360HS will be be available in February in silver and purple.

PowerShot ELPH 190 IS, US$159.99

The PowerShot ELPH 190 IS features a 10x optical zoom with image stabilization. It uses a 20-MP CCD sensor. It records 720p HD video and has an "Eco" mode to extend battery life. This camera will be available in February 2016 in black, red and blue.

PowerShot ELPH 180, US$119.99

The PowerShot ELPH 180 carries an 8x optical zoom lens and uses a 20-MP CCD sensor. It records 720p HD video, and has an "Eco" mode to extend battery life. An Auto Zoom feature automatically zooms in to frame subjects and keep them in focus. The PowerShot ELPH 180 wll be available in February 2016  in silver and red.

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