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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is PhotographyToday.net?
PhotographyToday.net is dedicated to providing news, information, education and discussions for all photographers. At PhotographyToday.net, you can learn about the history of photography or what to consider when buying a film or digital camera to reading about the latest products. Please read the "About Us" page.

Why should I register with PhotographyToday.net?
While you don't need to register to read any of the content, you will need to register to receive the free monthly newsletter when it launches. You do not need to log in to comment on articles. That is handled by Disqus, a separate software package.

Why do I have to use the login link at the top of the page?
Both links at the top of the page use what is known as a modal display, which spambots currently cannot navigate.

What do you do with the information that you collect at registration?
We don't collect any personal information beyond your username and e-mail address. Those are used to verify your registration and also to send you a monthly newsletter. We don't want or need your telephone number, and we won't sell your e-mail address – ever.

Why is there advertising on PhotographyToday.net? I hate advertising!
Advertising helps to defray the costs of running the site. Try not to look at the ads if their presence offends you.

Why does the forum link take me to a different website?
The PhotographyToday.net Forums run on a different platform – phpBB, which is a Web-based software platform that has more capabilities than the site's native forum feature.

How do I contact PhotographyToday.net?
Please use the Contact page.