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Why you should use a digital camera

Nikon D5500 (2015)

There are many reasons why you should be shooting with a digital camera, and convenience is at or near the top of the list.

What I mean is that having constant access to a camera today is so much easier than in the film days.

For sure, many of us had a compact camera or point and shoot in a briefcase, backpack or coat pocket. These days, however, the camera of choice for many people is the smartphone.

By having a camera with you at all times, you won't miss some of life's most important moments. You can pull your camera from your pocket, bag or purse, snap a photo and be on your way.

Most of today's digital cameras are so "smart" that you don't have to waste time on shutter speeds, aperture or even ISO. You literally point and shoot.

It sometimes is said that the best camera is the one that's in your hand. While it's not technically true, it does point to the fact that you won't miss many of life's important moments. You can also capture those less-important moments.

* * *

There have been many advanced in digital photography in the past few years, and one of the most important ones is in low-light performance.

As digital technology has matured, for some time, taking photos in low lights exacted a penalty. The culprit was a noisy image. However, it's now possible to take very clean photos when there isn't much light available.

Some of the pro cameras will shoot at ISO 112,000, which on its face seems ridiculous and not necessary. However, there are uses for that – both in astrophotography and in news and sports photography.

In the "olden days" of film, it was common for pro photographers to set up electronic flash units and remote triggers in the corners of a basketball arena. Those flash units could be fired remotely, ensuring there was adequate light for that perfect shot.

We longer have to do that. We can dial up the ISO when the light drops and adjust the white balance to match the lighting. Step outdoors into daylight, and you dial down the ISO and reset the white balance. Quick and painless and oh-so flexible.

* * *

Why wouldn't you like digital? It's convenient. The instant feedback is perfect. You know longer have to worry about running out of film or having to change film just when that crucial moment arrives. Gone are the days of scratched negatives, running out of film or having the wrong film for the situation.

Today's cameras are like having four or five cameras all rolled into one.

Digital delivers on George Eastman's dream of bringing photography to the masses.

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