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Words/No Words • Re: Outdoors in dull weather

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 22:22
It helps to have a higher contrast film, too. Here are three examples from a cloudy day, with different subjects. Lighting can be called flat, but if you start with a subject that has contrast, and your film has good tones, things should look pretty good.

Looking Back by P F McFarland, on Flickr

Carbide Plant 7 by P F McFarland, on Flickr

Lowing About by P F McFarland, on Flickr


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Folding Cameras and Plate Cameras • Re: Baldalux Folder

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 21:49
Is the Balda mask interchangeable with any other camera maker? Probably not, but I thought that I would ask.

Statistics: Posted by melek — Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:49 pm

Words/No Words • Demaria-Lapierre Telka III

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 15:38
After 6 months monitoring auction web pages I got it for a very good price, of course from France (Toulouse).
Main specs, coupled rangefinder (so bright and easy!), Sagitar lens (tessar type) coated on e.v.e.r.y. surface (not only front), prontor II shutter and of course 6x9, double exposure prevention (Ikontas type) and real leather (not leatherette). The ready case is being restored and I will show it next week. The chrome is a bit gone in some points of the cover and it has some Zeiss bumps in the body.

Fully functional, I just opened the rangefinder cover to access the double exposure mechanisms to clean it, now it works flawless.
Also I adjusted the rangefinder through the external screw, it was a quite off for my taste, 10m mark in the focusing ring for correct focusing in the rangefinder, the seller though I wanted to return the camera due this. The good thing is that the labelling for distance in the focusing ring is accurate, if measuring with a manual rangefinder or digital camera you can't go wrong, also helps the camera is f95mm, better margins for DOF. Im close to nail it, I need to work more on the screw left-right + up-down.

I did some shooting already, two rolls and another two incoming, literally I could not stop shooting with this camera, its hot, its sunny and no family around.
Julio you are right as usual, too much sun is no so good as I thought, I'm trying to shoot a lot of lights and shadows and sometimes I can't get a good balance on the photo, maybe I doing bad metering but Im doing the same as before, need to check the film anyway and scan it myself.
On some photos I had to take the black to its position to get the result I like, sorry, I need to improve.

Here we go, the first its a portrait, this is my friend George, he is French of course!


Then I took the camera to dacha, what is a dacha? Normally its a small wooden house in a terrain measured in sotkas (1 sotka = 100 m2).
To every worker in soviet times 6 sotkas were given, higher the rank, more sotkas. My wife's family got 6 sotkas in a drained swamp and filled with sand 88km to the east of Moscow, in a cooperative of 340 parcels (each with 6 sotkas), surrounded by dozens of cooperatives.
Anyway 6 sotkas are better than nothing, so everyone started to build the houses by themselves of course, now there are more variety of houses, before there were like 3-4 types and everything different was because the owner modified the original designs. We have one of this, with 2 chimneys for the winter.
So all the families go to dacha during the summer times, mainly grandpas and grandmas growing some vegetables, fruits, berries, etc. taking care of the kids in a healthy environment meanwhile the parents work in the city/factory.
We have 12 sotkas!! because in the 2000 the parcel next to them was sold and they were quick buying. We have pines, birchs, apple and pear trees, berries and flowers everywhere. In fact the are the ones with a semi-forest meanwhile others have no trees at all.
Its very common to have a dacha near Moscow, unless you are from the regions and your dacha is 1000km away. But you can buy one
After the big intro some photos, its hard to take BW into the green world, so I shot wood
More photos from dacha will be added in the future.

I made this table 6 years ago.
Wooden table

One of my favourites spots, attention to the right side, the swing my daughter used to play with


Some spot where the wood is drying for the winter time

Paint needed

Same as before but with wood to be chopped.

To be chopped

At the small forest at the nearest hospital.



Now wandering through Moscow with the bike.
Bolshoi Theatre, translation is big theatre, guess why

Bolshoi Theatre

Architecture University (build 1860-1892) too much time to build it... Need to check the numbers.
It has been restored, facade is gorgeous.

Architecture University of Moscow

I cannot stop shooting streets.

Finally the White Wall I wrote about, sharp.

White Wall of Moscow

Shooting these guys makes me nervous, one day one its going to wake up and ask me why I doing a photo... Focus error.


More to come... I hope better

Thank you for watching.

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